If your boiler is in need of repair, you can get it done without burning a hole in your pocket.
For cost-effective boiler repairs in Northampton, get in touch with Pittam Heating Co.

Trained and competent staff

Our staff our trained and competent at taking care of all issues with your boiler. Whether you need help with a condensing boiler, or a simple repair, they will take care of the issue. With our extensive experience in handling a variety of repairs, we can provide you with a satisfactory experience every time. 
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We assist you with:

•  Boiler installations
•  Boiler repairs
•  Boiler servicing
•  Boiler maintenance
•  Warranty application

You can also depend on us for central heating installations and repairs.
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Reasonable rates

You can get your boiler repairs and servicing done at reasonable rates when you choose Pittam Heating Co. At the same time, you are also assured of a high standard of service. Our staff take pride in the quality of work that we provide.
Pittam Heating Co takes care of boiler repairs and installations in and around Northampton. We offer our services at highly competitive rates.
Contact a member of our team to discuss your needs. 
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For cost-effective boiler repairs in Northampton, call:
07585 331 404
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